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"Matt Rokes at the Athletic Development does an excellent job training athletes. Matt has an excellent understanding of athletic movement and preparation. He designs and implements excellent programs that improve performance while reducing the risk of injury."

Chris Doyle- Football Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
University of Iowa

"Matt and Jeff have given our athletes an exceptional comprehensive training regimen. They are in tune with strength training, conditioning, flexibility, nutrition, injury prevention and recovery. They are unique in that they customize the program to meet each player where they are in their athletic journey.

Having Matt and Jeff guiding the development of our athletes has given us a great advantage in our teams ability to compete on a NCAA national level. I have complete confidence in their role to advance our program's efforts through their interaction with our athletes"

~Grey Giovanine | Head Basketball Coach
(36 years coaching at 7 different Colleges and Universities)

"My son has gone to Matt for over a year now and the both of us are extremely pleased with the results and the commitment he makes to anyone who trains with him. The work with Matt and his staff has been a big part of his success and a tremendous benefit to his baseball career going forward. If you are looking for someone in the Quad Cities area to provide this type of professionalism for you or someone you know, I would without doubt provide my highest recommendation."

~Greg Wallace | Head Coach Augustana College Baseball

"Close to five years ago, we chose Matt Rokes and his staff to handle our strength and conditioning program. We could not have made a better decision! The care, expertise, and passion he brings to this part of our program is second to none and the results he produces year around with our players has been a big part of our success on the field."

~Greg Wallace| Head Coach Augustana College Baseball

"I am a mom of four girls and three of them are involved in the strength and conditioning program offered by Matt and his staff. It was clear from day one that Matt and his staff are very professional in what they do. The knowledge, experience and dedication they provide each athlete shows they truly want these kids to succeed. They teach the importance of working hard but also working smart, stressing proper body mechanics as well as strengthening to improve performance to avoid injury. When injury has occurred, Matt or a member of his staff have been very accommodating to assist in answering any questions or provide the proper physical therapy treatment to get them back in action. My girls love the program. I would highly recommend it for any young athlete looking to increase strength and conditioning in a way that is safe, smart and successful."

~Courtney Kenney

"ADP's focus on form and injury prevention is what sets this program apart from other strength and conditioning classes! My youngest son participated at the beginning level. I appreciated the focus this class had on enhancing functional movement. My oldest son participated in a higher level class that focused on sport specific strength and conditioning. Both boys saw noticeable gains that translated easily to the field and court!

An added bonus to the ADP program, is the close connection to Genesis Physical Therapy. My youngest son suffered a severe ankle sprain and we were able to get it evaluated quickly and easily set up a rehabilitation regimen. He hasn't had any issues with his ankle since!

I trust ADP to support my boys and assist them in reaching their personal physical potential!"

~Marji Boeye

"As parents of three college athletes, we were recommended to Matt Rokes and Athlete Development Project.

Our daughter, Kaycee Kallenberger, has worked with Matt for three years. Because of his training she was able to become stronger, gain speed and quickness which helped her become the only Women's basketball player in Augustana College history to earn Division III All-Region honors and best of all she was injury free. She led her team in most catagories, setting records along the way. She would not have reached these goals without Matt, Athlete Development Project and her coaches.

Our two sons, Jack and Mark Kallenberger, are playing football at the University of Iowa and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Chris Doyle, asked that both work with Athlete Development Project to get prepared for summer strength and conditioning. Matt worked very hard to make sure they both gained strength, speed and quickness while monitoring their weight so neither saw loss in pounds. He also made sure they performed drills which they would use at their positions. We were very confident they were both well prepared and they have both said the same.

I would urge any parent who have kids with aspirations of going on to play at the collegiate level to contact Matt and get going. Not only is Matt extremely knowledgeable but he a great person who will have their best interest at heart. We couldn't be happier with Athlete Development Project and the entire staff."

~Jay and Melissa Kallenberger

"My son has benefited tremendously from the Athlete Development Project. He has participated in both small and large group training sessions and met his individual goals as an athlete. We were provided results at the end of his sessions to show his improvement and received continuous feedback throughout the training. This program has been instrumental in my son's strength and agility development."

~Ann Smith

"Matt and Jeff are at the forefront of specialized sport training for college and professional athletes. They have the knowledge and drive it takes to build better athletes and more importantly better people through hard work and a vision for the future. The two have been able to help me by increasing power, stability, agility, and overall strength by using core athletic lifts while tailoring the majority of other movements to be basketball specific. This is what they do for everyone who joins their team; they develop athletes and tailor many lifts to that athlete's specific sport or need. Their high intensity and get-after-it mentality is what brought me to joining their team and their athletic development assisted me in becoming a professional basketball player. If anyone is looking to challenge and develop themselves mentally and physically to stay ahead of their peers and exceed at the collegiate or professional level, joining Matt and Jeff is the first step."

~Hunter Hill